10 Ways To Celebrate National Craft Month

In 1994, the Craft & Hobby Association created this wonderful celebration in March that we know as National Craft Month. It was designed to help people rediscover their creativity and learn about the wonderful world of crafting and all of it's many benefits.  I'd love for National Craft Month to signify the start of open craft season, just like all the hype that goes into opening day of hunting and fishing season, however, with no license required ;)

Here's a list of 10 ways to celebrate National Craft Month.  

1) Plan A Craft Retreat With Your Family And Friends - okay, we are partial to this option - please visit ScrapbookRetreatDirectory.com and QuiltRetreats.com for a retreat near you.

2) Attend a craft workshop - search Facebook Events for craft workshops near you or check out a craft bar that are becoming so popular.  

3) Finish a UFO - that's an unfinished object in the quilting world :)

4) Visit your local...

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My Retreat Business Story

Opening A Craft Retreat Center in Wisconsin

I've never been one to be vocal about anything, but I'm pulling away the barriers to share my retreat experiences and knowledge to encourage more people to go to retreats and more people to start retreat businesses.

I remember the moment perfectly: December 2004, my cousin’s 40th birthday celebration.  My husband and I had just finished the first season at our hunting lodge in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, and I was looking for a way to rent the lodge during the off-season. The lodge was a vintage 1850s farmhouse that was part hand-hewn log cabin. The location was a big draw for hunting, but I didn’t want to leave it sitting empty January through August. I was talking about this situation with my cousin, who was working for Fiskar's Craft Division, and she told me to check into quilting and scrapbooking retreats. My ears instantly perked up, and when I got home that...

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