Get All The Virtual Retreat Benefits:

  1. EASY ACCESS - The virtual retreats are on a online platform that is easy to access on any device - tablet, smartphone, or computer.  There's is even an App!
  2. LOW COST - The retreats are affordable plus you get lifetime access so you can retreat again and again!
  3. COMMUNITY - Connect with like minded women from around the world.  You'll build incredible relationships with people who value retreat experiences.
  4. RESOURCES - The retreats have a mix of videos, audios, worksheets, journal exercises, and some surprise gifts.


Here's Virtual Retreat Line-up!

A Virtual Retreat is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Retreat Everyday!

Virtual Retreats provide a retreat experience for all regardless of time, location, options, and money.

Kirsten Polman, certified coach, founder of Retreats & Co. and the creator of,, and is your virtual retreat host along with other amazing guest retreat leaders.

FAQs About The Virtual Retreat Experience

You log into the retreat platform with you email and password.  There is also an App that makes access very easy on any device.

You can work the retreat on your own time by accessing on any device - smart phone, tablet, or computer.  Lifetime access means your registration never expires and you get all updates for free!

The retreat content includes videos, audios, worksheets, and lots of other goodies and surprises you can download.  Physical products may also be included which will ship directly to your home.

Buy One, Gift One Virtual Retreats

A Virtual Retreat is truly a gift that keeps on giving!


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