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retreat news Aug 29, 2019

Transformational is a buzz word used by a lot of retreat leaders and experts to describe a type of retreat that is meant for change.  Honestly, when I hear transformational retreat, all I can think about is the effort involved.  A transformational retreat just seems like a lot of work.

But sometimes, change is needed.  When you're stuck in life, that's hard.  It's like trying to move forward in a bowl full of molasses.  It actually can be quite painful to be stuck.

I'd like to share that I have been stuck for the last 10 years.  You see, I have this retreat business that I could never explain well.  Anytime someone would ask me, "what do you do?", I would fumble trying to figure out what to say.

My retreat business journey started as a venue owner and then moved onto marketing other retreats with the Scrapbook and Quilt Retreat Directories.  The part that I was stuck on was the name of my business.  I've had 3 business names that honestly never felt right and that's is how I was stuck.  I wasn't clear which resulted in not being confident.

Recently, I was on a solo overnight retreat to my vacation rental property and on the car ride, I was listening to a podcast.  I was so inspired by the woman being interviewed that I finally got an epiphanyThe name for my business that I so desired to have for a very long time finally came to me.

I'm thrilled to announce that the scrapbook, quilting, and the new women's retreat directory will all be under a new brand, Retreat & Co.

I can't tell you how good this feels to finally figure this out.  I now feel like I'm out of this bowl of molasses and running forward into glorious white space where I can let my ideas flow.

There will be more to come, but I just want to invite you all to follow the new Retreat & Co. Facebook page and also to join the Retreat & Co. Community Private Facebook Group.  

My mission is to continue promoting retreats and help others to retreat often without feeling guilty, plus, have a lot of fun along the way! 

Are you feeling stuck at the moment?  I would love to hear in the comments below.  Please stay tuned for more inspiration to come with the new Retreat & Co. brand.

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