Retreat Gift Ideas

Every year, I get emails and messages from people looking for a gift for the retreater in their life.  Well, you most likely won't find retreat gift ideas on pre-Black Friday, Black Friday, after Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week, and Green Monday Sales.  So if you want to delight someone in your life, here are a few retreat gift suggestions.

5 gift ideas for the retreat lover in your life.

1) Gift Certificates to a retreat.
Most retreat venues, events, or workshops offer gift certificates.  These might not be clearly advertised or available to purchase with one click of your mouse, but you can easily reach out to your retreater's favorite venue, event, or workshop to ask to purchase a gift certificate.  Click Here to see retreat options on our Retreat Finder.

2) A Virtual Retreat experience.
It's not always easy for someone to take time from their busy schedule to go on retreat.  However, with today's technology, virtual retreat experiences are becoming very popular.  Virtual Retreats are a gift that keeps on giving with lifetime registration including all updates.  Access to the retreat can be anytime, anywhere with any device and there's even a new app that makes it even easier.  Click Here for more info.  

3) Membership to Retreat Business Academy - Do you know someone who dreams about having a retreat business?  Retreat Business Academy is an online course and business community that teaches all the steps to own a successful retreat business.  This is great to give to your loved one or to gift to yourself if you have retreat business goals in mind.  A monthly payment option is available.  Click Here to learn more.

4) A One Hour Coaching Session
Yeah, spa gift certificates are all the rage at Christmas time, but a coaching session is a massage for your mind and soul.  Coaching can help get someone unstuck and moving forward to their goals.  It's a perfect way to start the new year.  The sessions are with Kirsten Polman, certified coach and founder of Retreats & Co.  Click Here to sign up.

5) Give them a subscription to Retreat News
Retreat News is an email newsletter delivered weekly starting in January 2020 with retreat stories and inspiration plus subscribers get an exclusive bonus in each email.  The subscription is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.  Click Here to subscribe.

Are you giving a retreat gift to a special someone?  Let us know in the comments below.  

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