3 Ways to Start a Quilt Retreat Business

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Looking to start a Quilt Retreat?  Here are 3 Quilting Retreat Business Models that can make +$50k per year

  1. Quilt Retreat Venue
    Open a quilt retreat venue and offer rental options to quilting groups.  This quilt retreat business model not only generates revenue but also provides a real estate asset if you own the venue.  Think of this as an Airbnb for quilting groups.
    How do you make $50k with the quilt retreat venue business model?
    Typically Quilting Retreat Venues are booked for at least 30 weekends per year.   If a venue accommodates 12 guests and charges $150 per guests for a weekend stay, revenue would be $54k per year.  $150 per weekend x 12 guests per weekend x 30 weekends per year = $54,000. 
  2. Quilt Retreat Event
    Offer Quilt Retreat Events to quilters and quilting groups.  Typically with this quilt retreat business model, you are renting a venue or facility and are hosting quilters by planning the quilt retreat details.  This can include overnight accommodations, meals, instructors, projects, excursions, etc. As a host, you are creating the schedule of events or itinerary for the retreat.  A retreat event or workshop does not have to be complicated, but this type of retreat is appealing to guests as they can typically come solo or with a small group. 

    How do you make $50k with this quilt retreat event model?
    Here's a couple of examples:
    Quilt Retreat Event (Weekend or More) - 3 Quilt Retreat Events per year with 50 guests paying a $350 retreat fee would be +$52k per year.  3 events x 50 guests at each event x $350 retreat fee = $52,500
  3. Virtual Quilting Retreat
    There are many ways to set up a virtual quilting retreats, but basically the entire retreat is held online and guests attend from their own location using a device - smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.  The beauty of this type of retreat is guests don't have to travel, the cost is lower, and guests can retreat or gather more often.  The number of guests also does not have to be limited to venue capacity so the skies the limit in terms of number of guests that can attend an online quilting retreat.

    How do you make $50k with this retreat?
    2 online retreats per year x 250 guests x $100 retreat fee = $50,000

There are several ways you can work these number and you can offer 1 or more of these quilt retreat business models.  A venue owner, could also offer a few retreat events per year, and even have an online retreat offering or have that as an option during the quilt retreat event.  For those unable to attend the retreat event, they can attend online.

If you are looking to start a quilt retreat business or currently have retreat business are are looking to increase your revenue, and profit, and work easier in your business, we offer the Retreat Business Academy (RBA).  The RBA not only teaches the strategies, marketing, and operations of all 3 retreat business models, but it only provides marketing and promotion of your retreat.  You will not find many other programs that offer done for you marketing.  RBA is a great investment and you will see a return on investment with more reservations/registrations, more profit, and ways to work easier in your business.  And, it will also help you to avoid many costly mistakes that myself and many other retreat business owners have made.  You won't regret joining the program, and I hope to see you inside!

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