How to Plan A Scrapbook Retreat

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Planning a Scrapbook Retreat can seem like a daunting task, but the experience of the retreat and being with fellow scrapbookers and crafters is worth it!
Here are 15 steps to help you plan your next retreat.

  1. Your Why:  Why do you want to plan a scrapbook retreat?
  2. Retreat Venue: Secure the venue for the retreat.
  3. Retreat Dates: Choose the retreat dates.
  4. Retreat Guests: Determine your guest list and invite
  5. Policies/Legal/Insurance: Determine what's needed by advising with professionals
  6. Retreat Budget: Calculate your budget and expenses
  7. Pricing: Determine what to charge for your retreat
  8. Registration/Payments:  Decide how guests will pay
  9. Retreat Amenities: Finalize what your retreat offers
  10. Retreat Vendors: Determine retreat vendors if desired
  11. Retreat Speakers/Instructors:  Decide on instructors/speaker if 
  12. Retreat Seating: Determine the seating arrangement if applicable
  13. Retreat Schedule: Determine the retreat itinerary
  14. Retreat Packing List: Create a packing list for the retreat
  15. Retreat Gifts:  Determine retreat gifts and thank you's.

Looking for more help and support planning your retreat?  Enroll in the Retreat Planning Workshop which includes 7 Retreat Planning Online Lessons and a 25 Page Retreat Planning Workbook.  

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