Going On Retreat

retreat news Jan 15, 2022
Going on Retreat

The end of summer means the end of summer vacation season.  However, we are full into retreat season!

Have you ever worked at a place and requested time off - paid PTO or UTO - unpaid time off?  When the time comes and you will be OOO - out of the office as you may have put on your calendar, you get asked the question - where are you going on vacation or holiday as my European friends call it.

Well maybe it's just some personal time needed to take care of things at home - organizing closets (I've done that) or going to those much needed appointments.  Or even better, you have plans and are actually taking a "vacation" or a "holiday."  It might be visiting relatives, going camping, staying at a hotel, or a all-inclusive resort.

But what if you are going to a retreat?  Did you ever think to say "I'm going on retreat" when someone asks what you are doing on your time off?

I just recently heard this lingo on podcast and I love it.  I'm going on Retreat!  How cool is that vs I'm on vacation!

Retreats are in demand and more and more people will be "Going On Retreat".   But to Go On Retreat simply means to get away from it all - alone or with a group.  It's really on your terms. 

So when you take time off from your normal routine or from your job and someone asks you - "Where are you going?"  Tell them, I'm going on Retreat!

To everyone who is Going On Retreat, please share your photos! 
Hashtag #scrapbookretreat, #quiltretreat, or #retreatsandco, or tag us on Instagram @scrapbookretreats, @quiltretreats, or @retreatsandco.  We can't wait to see all the retreat fun!


Are you Going On Retreat?  Let us know where you are going in the comments below.  



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