Craft Retreats Are Transformational

retreat news Apr 04, 2019
Craft retreats are transformational

I shared the Scrapbook and Quilt Retreat Directories in a retreat business Facebook group, and I was told by the group administrator that the post was not allowed because Craft Retreats are not "transformational."  Well, in this week's Retreat News, I will prove them wrong.

This is the year I declared I'm not going to be quiet about craft retreats so I can say with conviction that I'm proud of the Scrapbook and Quilt Retreat Directories as they make it fast and easy to find retreat options.

I like using social media to promote the directories, so I joined a couple of retreat type Facebook groups to learn and network.

In one particular group I posted that you can find women's retreat options on the Scrapbook and Quilt Retreat Directories.  I got a personal message from the group founder that said if I continue to post information about the directories, I would be removed from the group.  She told me craft retreats are not transformational.

Well, in my 15 years of being in the craft retreat business, I can share many transformational stories.  One in particular has stuck with me since the beginning of my retreat business journey.

When I opened my first retreat, we held Friday night wine tasting receptions to welcome guests.  One guest told me that it was the first time in 10 years that she had been away from her husband and kids.  

I asked her why she never got away, and she said she never had a good opportunity, so, when a friend invited her to the retreat, she thought she'd give it a try.  Well, in that same year, she came two more times to retreat!  The second time she came she said that the retreat really made an impact in her life.  She had a new outlook, a new perspective, and she felt revitalized. 

And, that was my help women take time for themselves without feeling guilty as they give so much of their time and energy to others, leaving their own needs unmet.

Just the other day, I got an email from the leader who nearly kick me out of the Facebook group.  The subject was:
"Transformational Retreats Change Lives - Especially Yours!

Here's how the email started:
Imagine being on a retreat hiking through the Canadian Rockies on a misty day.  Just as you emerge from the dark trail to reach the summit, the skies clears, revealing the most spectacular rainbow.  A few months later, you're on another retreat, enjoying a tea ceremony among the cherry blossoms, soaking in the importance of tradition.  On your next retreat, you're off to Belize, where you'll don scuba gear to explore ancient shipwrecks...

I'm all up for adventure, but knowing my luck, in Canada, an unexpected blizzard would hit and I'd never see the rainbow.  My flight would be delayed to Japan, and I'd miss the tea party, and in Belize, a hurricane would develop, and I'd narrowly escape being the shipwreck!  But, it might be worth it to see my husband's deer in headlights look when I tell him I'm traveling to 3 countries to be transformed, priceless!

But I do believe Craft Retreats are transformational, so how's this for an intro:

"When was the last time you took time for yourself without feeling guilty?  At a craft retreat, you’ll find the freedom to have fun, relax, and create while spending time with your friends and family without having to keep one eye on the clock and the other on your 'to do list.' Whether you are just starting, a dabbler, or an expert crafter, a craft retreat will provide uninterrupted time to create and rejuvenate."  You deserve it!

It's funny because a short time after being forewarned by the retreat leader on posting the retreat directories to the group, I got an email from her offering to work one on one with me and my retreat business for a small price of $100,000!  Well, my first thought was my transformation could be me to the poor house, lol! 

Everyone has their own idea of what transformation looks like.  I believe a slight shift can bring a big change.  Similar to driving a boat, just a small turn of the wheel can take you in a completely different direction...

Do Craft Retreats provide a transformational experience?  We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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